Does F1 car have pedals ? How Formula 1 Pedals Work

- Does F1 car have pedals ? How Formula 1 Pedals Work
Last Updated on August 5, 2023

In Formula 1, technology and innovation are all around us. One of the most interesting features of a Formula 1 car is its pedals, and how they control its power and speed. Our goal in this article is to explain why Formula 1 cars do not have a clutch pedal, and how their pedals work.

Do F1 Cars Have A Clutch Pedal?

A clutch pedal is not used in modern Formula 1 cars. Drivers use the third pedal, or plate, to brace themselves during difficult turns when they rely on a footrest instead of the middle and right pedals (brake and throttle). When a driver changes gear, they do not operate the clutch themselves. Instead, they flick a paddle and an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) cuts off the ignition to disengage the clutch.

The Two Pedals

In Formula 1, cars have two pedals, the accelerator pedal on the right and the brake pedal on the left. The accelerator pedal controls speed, whereas the brake pedal slows it down. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, it compresses two master brake cylinders – one for the front and one for the rear – generating fluid pressure. The driver is then able to quickly and safely slow down using this pressure delivered directly to the front brake callipers.

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Left Foot Braking

Left-foot braking is a technique whereby the driver accelerates with the right foot as usual but brakes with the left foot. It is used to maintain steady throttle pressure when applying pressure to both pedals. Its advantage is that it keeps the engine’s RPM while braking and keeps the car in a higher gear during braking, allowing the car to maintain speed during corners.


F1 cars don’t have clutch pedals, so drivers do not use the heel-to-toe technique. As a result, gear shifting is done with paddles on the steering wheel, eliminating the need for heel and toe shifting. Ayrton Senna was a successful Formula 1 driver who used heel and toe shifting as his racing strategy. Downshifting involves pressing both the brake and accelerator pedals simultaneously to match engine revs. Due to the lack of a clutch pedal in modern Formula 1 cars, this technique is no longer required.

In conclusion

In Formula 1 cars, there are two pedals, an accelerator and a brake. The driver uses left-foot braking, which means that the driver accelerates with the right foot and brakes with the left foot. As a result of the lack of a clutch pedal in modern Formula 1 cars, drivers flick a paddle to disengage the ignition when they change gears.

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